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“India has a very big potential and good intellectual property, good intellectual people. Definitely they can come here and invest or do  business here.”- Nitin Patkulkar in CCIWA

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Supply chain diversity helps buffer business from risk

Trusted Quality, Committed Solutions

The two brothers’ passion has established Velocity Rollers to provide trustworthy Indian benchmark engineering products worldwide. In their journey, they have worked with a philosophy fuelled by the vision to create a new identity for their company in the whole wide world.


It has led the company to get the ISO 9001:2015 certification from BSI to design and manufacture heavy-duty steel rollers and manufacture idler frames for customers to avail any time. Velocity Rollers have become more committed than ever before, providing engineering product supplies to many countries across continents

ISO 9001:2015


Rollers are very robust and widely suitable for giving vital support and proper movement to the belt conveyors.


Pulleys give the drive power, provide tension, redirect, and track the belt conveyors at the take-up arrangement.


Idlers have low friction and stress-reducing properties that help the belt conveyors to work efficiently along its full length.