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About Us

Velocity Rollers Vision and mission

Mission & Vision

Velocity Rollers’ mission is to design and manufacture engineering products of the best quality at competitive prices with the use of the best Indian technologies. We have the vision to amplify our brand image and continue our company’s success story across the globe, which has been created over time among our employees and customers.

Meet our Directors

Mr Nitin Patkulkar
Mrs Kiran Hirwe
Mr Sudhir Hirwe

Our Quality Policy

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.”

– Steve Jobs

The ISO 9001:2015 certification from BSI in India is the best illustration of the quality policy being put in place for engineering products produced at Velocity Rollers. We adhere to the quality management system benchmark to design and manufacture the rollers, idlers, pulleys, and accessories. Our commitment is second to none in providing you with the engineering products for your day-to-day operational needs. Velocity Rollers has instilled trust among customers with the employees’ help working to improve the engineering products with continuous research and development.

Manufacturing Standards We Follow

IS 8598

IS-8598 is a manufacturing standard from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to specification idlers and idler sets for belt conveyors. This standard’s scope covers the requirements for carrying and return idlers and idler sets up to and including three idlers for belt conveyors at a given time. IS-8598 has the Mechanical Engineering Division 6 (MED 6) section for continuous bulk conveying, elevating, hoisting aerial ropeways and related equipment. Velocity Rollers designs and manufactures idlers are per the technical detailing of this IS-8598 BIS standard, which allows for maintaining its precise quality.

Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) is thought of as the conveyor industry’s voice in both North and South American continents. It has created a standard for proper safety and design of trolley chain conveyor equipment and its components. CEMA standard is vitally essential in design procedure and engineering data, vertical curve data of conveyor equipment. The preventive measure and inspection procedure mentioned in this standard is a critical part of producing conveyor equipment. The rollers, idlers, pulleys, and accessories manufactured for belt conveyors at Velocity Rollers follow the CEMA standard.



PROK is a leading brand in Australia for conveyor equipment currently acquired by Nepean Conveyors. They have merged it with their previously acquired SANDVIK global conveyor components and systems business from Sweden. The highest quality engineering products from PROK/SANDVIK include rollers and pulleys designed and manufactured for the belt conveyors. The conveyor equipment and its components produced as per this standard are of high performance and excellent reliability. These products are widely used in the industry as original components or replacements for the existing conveyor systems in place. Velocity Rollers manufactures the rollers and pulleys for belt conveyors as per the PROK/SANDVIK standard.