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Carrying Roller

Carrying rollers are installed on the groove-shape forward inclined idler frames, groove-shape frame, and transition idler frames. They are used as a means to support the conveyor belt. The diameter range of a carrying roller is between 76mm to 219mm, and the belt range in terms of width is between 450mm to 3000mm. Some of the carrying rollers’ features include multi-labyrinth sealing, high-quality bearing, and being greased and sealed all the time.

Impact rollers contain non-cylindrical multi-sided geometric modules or drums. The way impact rollers get their energy is by turning on their corner and falling to the flat side. Impact rollers are used to introduce energy to the ground surface quickly, with the pace being around two impacts per second. The depth of their influence in situ materials is where the impact rollers’ economic benefit comes from. The number of sides of an impact roller can vary between three to five. In cohesive soils, the depth of their influence can be between 700 to 2500 mm.

Impact Roller

Flat Return Rollers

Flat return rollers are designed to be used as carrying idlers and support the conveyor belt from below in a flat belt situation. They provide support to the returning conveyor belt as they are usually installed on a conveyor’s underside. Flat return rollers have a low friction coefficient and high wear resistance. They are lightweight, have low maintenance, possess efficient mechanical properties, are easy to install, have an extended life, and have stability in their operations. 

The rubber disc return rollers from Velocity Rollers can be used on short installations in damp, wet, or abrasive conditions to avoid unwanted build-up on the conveyor return roller or any carry-back of the conveyor belt. The build-up of material on the roller surface causes irregular wear of the shell. Even a change in the roller’s shape can cause conveyor belt mistracking, damage, and failure. With the hard-wearing rubber discs being spaced at specific locations, effective elimination of material deposits is guaranteed. It so is the reduction in conveyor belt wear, which leads to a cost-effective, minimal maintenance solution.

Rubber Disc Return Roller

Rubber Disc Return Roller

Sprocket Roller

Sprocket Roller

Velocity make Sprockets Rollers has High Strength & Precise Welding. Sprockets are induction harden to ensure its high Quality Strength & smooth working. High Quality Seamless- ERW Pipes being used with SKF/FAG make bearings equipped. We manufacture both Light & Heavy Duty Sprocket Rollers.

Self Cleaning Rollers are effective in cleaning up the debris that gets collected under the belt conveyor. It has high wear and rust-resistant steel with a hard coating on the surface for extended bearing life and noise reduction. This helps in avoiding sticky or gummy carry-back material on the belt. Self Cleaning Roller is beneficial in belt tracking and ensures there is no need to stop machinery for any maintenance. It is designed for the toughest of applications with its strengthened frame construction. The robustness in its design reduces belt tensions and lowers the power requirements hence incurring lesser operational costs, and no production time is lost.

Self Cleaning Roller


HDPE Roller

 High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) rollers are used for low-noise applications wherein they are strong, lightweight, and suitable for high tonnage applications and conveyor belt systems greater than 1600mm wide. They minimize the potential for manual handling injuries from during installation and change-outs. HDPE rollers achieve low operating self-noise output compared to standard steel rollers, and hence are ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments.

The Velocity’s Hybrid SS Rollers are having a excellent performance characteristics
– Elemination of Welding Operation
– Lighter in weight as compared to traditional SS Rollers
– Equivalent in performance with traditional SS Rollers
– More productivity
– Completely Non-Magnetic
– Completely Non-Corrosive
– Heavy load carrying capacity
– Noise – Less
Available in both SS 304/316 & Aluminium Shell

Hybrid Roller

Hybrid Roller

Stainless Steel Roller

Stainless steel rollers are usually supplied in 303-grade stainless spindles and 304/316-grade stainless tubes. Not only can stainless steel rollers be used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, but also wherever rollers are needed to be used in wet or damp conditions. These kinds of rollers can be used with semi-precision and precision bearing options. As opposed to steel rollers, stainless steel rollers have several advantages. Some of them are easy to clean, resistant to corrosion, and can also be used in humid and wash-down conditions.

Cast Nylon Rollers are light-weight and reliable. This roller is made up of cast nylon material. It provides exceptional resistance against abrasion and shock. This is because the roller has anti-static properties and no corrosion. Cast Nylon Roller is used in various industries for moving materials from one place to another as quickly as possible. It works in a corrosive environment for low to medium duty applications. This roller is self-lubricating and performs in high service temperature with ultimate ease. It is available at a very reasonable price because of its far lesser manufacturing prices than its contemporary products.


Cast Nylon- Composite Roller

Guide Roller

Guide Roller

Guide rollers can be used to guide or point an object in a particular direction. As far as a boat trailer is concerned, the guide roller is what the boat comes in contact with first when loading. When applied in the context of a rolling conveyor application, the guide roller helps maintain a belt conveyor’s alignment and integrity while it is in motion.

Rubber lagging rollers provide a replaceable wearing surface that helps extend the life of the shell, and they also improve the friction between the roller and the belt. Rubber lagging rollers absorb shocks and weight, have a high loading capacity, are maintenance-free, and have a high-quality sealed ball bearing. They contain highly-effective labyrinth seals protected from water and dust into the bearing and are manufactured and designed in a manner such that they have a long and trouble-free life. 

Rubber Lagging Roller


Rubber Vulcanized Roller

Hot Rubber Vulcanized Rollers provide significant Impact Strength, Shock Absorption, Deflection & more life than a convetional steel Roller.

It also has Chemical Resistant properties. Rubber Vulcanized Roller has high coefficient friction.