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Case Study 1

Material Built Up on Steel Rollers

Project: HDPE Rollers Installation for Fertilizers Industry 

Location: Fertilizer Industry Western India

The Problem – Material Build Up

In a fertilizer plant, the conditions are harsh. The conveyor system, including the Belts, Rollers and Accessories, are exposed to chemicals, abrasion, material build-up and wear and tear. 

At fertilizer plant in Western India, the steel rollers regularly needed to be replaced in the Acidulation Plant, some as often as every 4 to 6 weeks and others every four months. The steel rollers were wearing out or seizing under the conditions in the plant. They were jamming; the material was building up on the rollers’ surface and then acting like a sander/grinder on the belt’s back, resulting in shorter belt life and more cost to the plant; there was poor tracking, and extra cleaning was required during production time.

The Solution

The rollers were needed to withstand exposure to Sulphuric acid, HFA, Potash, temperatures above 60 degrees and have the ability to minimize build-up of product on the roller itself. 

HDPE Rollers of Velocity Rollers Pvt. Ltd. was installed in the plant. A 6-month trial was undertaken to see how the roller would withstand the conditions. Lo and behold, it is still looking good, but more importantly, the rollers are still functioning efficiently, and there has been no need to replace them.

Steel Rollers Replaced with the HDPE Rollers

The Results

HDPE rollers have a self-cleaning surface. No material build-up found on the carryback Rollers. The rollers’ condition after eight months is as good as new rollers. 

HDPE tube does not wear the belt and has a high resistance to chemical agents. It neither rusts nor is there any oxidation or corrosion found. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications, and it has a low noise emission.

HDPE rollers

Case Study 2

Steel rollers corrosion due to deteriorated conveying material and salty environment

Project : HDPE Rollers Installation at Port Handling Logistic Industry 

Location : Deep Water Port, India

Industry : Material Handling at Seashore Area. 

Belt Speed : 4.4 m/sec 

Capacity : 4500 Tph

The Problem – Steel Rollers Corrosion

The installed steel rollers were failing through the shell wear in just 3 months due to deteriorated conveying material with raw phosphate, urea and also a highly corrosive seashore environment. 

Resulting to increase downtime of the plant and maintenance cost, ship unloading delay charges

Corrode Steel Roller
Steel Roller Failure

The Solution

After the detailed study of the actual problems occurring at site, Velocity Rollers’ highly durable HDPE Rollers with composite bearing housing, stainless steel shaft and SKF 6306 bearings were selected in efforts to achieve 5 times greater life than steel rollers and eliminate rusting of rollers due to the severe environmental conditions. 

Additionally, 18 mm thick HDPE shell was recommended to ensure adequate wear capabilities and abrasion resistance for the aggressive environment.

Steel Rollers Replaced with the HDPE Rollers

The Results

  1. The Velocity’s HDPE Roller increased the roller life for the client by more than 5 times and are still in operation up to this day.
  2. Due to replacement of HDPE Rollers over steel rollers, the rusting problem was totally eliminated.
  3. These HDPE Rollers also saved a weight of 20 kg weight (40 percent) per roller and reduced man-hours required to install the rollers.
  4. Instead of three people, only one person could now perform the roller change-out. This significantly reduced manual handling hours as well as the handling risks during roller change-outs.
Conveying Material Urea
Conveying Material Raw Phosphate

Pipe Conveyor Rollers & Panels

Velocity Rollers has successfully manufactured & supplied Pipe Conveyor Panels & Rollers.

Velocity Rollers Private Limited is manufacturing and supplying Pipe Conveyor Panel assemblies globally.
With the high precision bystronic 6KW laser machine, Velocity can achieve precision in the job and perfect fitment of the Rollers on to the panel.